Supermarkets are always looking for ways to tempt their customers. Spinneys is the premium supermarket chain in the Middle East, with 56 stores in the UAE. They also have 28 more supermarkets in other top locations around the Middle East.

So this supermarket chain was a great location to launch our new range of 100% Halal premium charcuterie, called Carne Meats Air-Dry. Launched in Spinneys with 7 new SKU, this new range of 100% Halal charcuterie is made by our specialist butchers, using the best-quality meat. It has no artificial flavorings, no trans-fat and no added MSG.

Charcuterie is cured or prepared meat marinated in different mixes of natural herbs and spices, and air-dried in the traditional European way. Air-drying takes time. It’s a slow process to make good charcuterie. But we do it because the flavor is better this way. Carne Meats Air-Dry is naturally intensely flavored. It’s great to eat with bread and Middle Eastern dips like hummus. It’s also great with cheese and fruit.