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We are trusted by the biggest hotel chains in the world to deliver food solutions for every location and time of day. We understand the needs of big operations, where consistency, quality and hygiene standards play a key role.

We cater to every need: from customized food and beverage products for big banquets all the way through to solutions for in-room dining, restaurants, individual outlets and staff canteens. Our variety of products and services across the region makes this partnership very meaningful. We are proud to cater to every need of the professional hotelier.


The Power of Partnership

Global Sourcing & Supply

Diversified sourcing reduces the risk of supply interruption to your business. Our decades of experience in regional and international sourcing and distribution plus our unrivaled logistics network gives you the flexibility to carry...

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To future proof your business, our SAP technology efficiently automates key steps in the supply chain, including packing your order into optimum sizes and using efficient delivery systems to reduce handling...

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Culinary Solutions

FOODSERVICE APME has a strong culinary background. Our production teams are helmed by experienced chefs and food professionals. Products can be delivered in custom cuts, in bulk or already packed in your own-label packaging...

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