foodserviceapme management team

Suchada Ithijarukul,
Director, Second Vice Chairman and Group CEO,

Siam Makro

US$7 billion. This is the annual revenue of Siam Makro, led by Suchada Ithijarukul. Director, Second Vice Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), she believes the company’s success is due to its unwavering can-do attitude and strong familial work culture.

Siam Makro, the leading Cash & Carry operator in wholesale trade for professional business operators in Thailand, is the parent company of premium food solutions provider, FOODSERVICE Asia Pacific Middle East (APME).

To strengthen the familial ties that motivate her huge team, Ithijarukul makes sure the organization supports staff in times of difficulty and makes their wellbeing a priority.

She describes her management style as “Nurturing and collaborative. I believe in giving employees a safe environment to speak their minds and meaningfully contribute their ideas. Even if we sometimes make mistakes, it can be useful. It is sometimes the best way to learn and grow professionally.”

Ithijarukul leads by example with her strong work ethic. She often works seven days a week, but says, “Every morning, I'm happy to go to work. I believe setting this example sets the tone for our team and leads to strong cooperation. This collaboration makes me happy, and it’s why I am still here after 25 years.

Siam Makro’s cheerleader-in-chief also makes unannounced store visits, to make sure she understands local feelings and issues.

Her greatest achievement is building 137 Makro stores around Thailand, cementing Siam Makro’s reputation as an established market leader in Southeast Asia. For the future, Ithijarukul plans to leverage innovations and digital transformation to make the conglomerate the world’s number one food solutions provider for professional customers.